And Serena and Blair? They do besties better than anyone.

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I just want Tumblr to know that I have never, not once, wanted to reblog a text post as a link.

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Ladies and gentlemen, telling anyone what they can or cannot put into their hair is disgusting. It’s the first step towards tyranny, my friends. Next thing you know, they’ll start burning books. And then they’ll probably start burning people, too.

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Aah don't say bullshit Italian culture! It's really rude and offensive!

I wasn’t referring to Italian culture as a whole, I love Italian culture. I did choose to do a degree in it. The bullshit I was referring to was the fact that the “cultural” portion of my degree this entire year has just been medieval literature. That’s it. Which, in my opinion, is extremely limited considering the wealth of culture available - as I’m sure you would agree. Please consider context before telling me I’m rude and offensive, thank you very much.

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~more uni/year abroad rel   

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sebastian stan playing tennis aka the best photoset i will ever make

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Can I ask a fic request for you? Since the episode 'tested' has given me sad blaine feels would you mind do a sweet/fluffy fic? Maybe one where Blaine is self conscious about his body but Sebastian reassures him? Please :3


A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to write a reaction fic for last week’s episode. I went through two different drafts, this being the third go at it (so thank you for the prompt and inspiration) because I just couldn’t write anything that wouldn’t sound too sad or angry the way it left me after that whole Blaine storyline. 
I tried to write fluffy but when have I ever been good with that. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have that much blangst and Sebastian’s there to wipe away all of Blaine’s insecurities <3. Follows some of the events from Tested with different twists to it. Hope this okay! 3422 words.

Blaine wakes up to a sticky note lying on top of the pillow where his boyfriend’s head should be resting, with ‘Had to leave early for a meeting. -S.’ in Sebastian’s cursive handwriting neatly scrawled on it. A pout settled on his lips.

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